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The Revisionist & The Astropastorals

Named a Book of the Year 2019 in the Times Literary Supplement.

Lines from London Terrace

The entire body of Crase’s work invites the kind of close attention that is usually reserved for poetry. – John Yau, Hyperallergic


Reads more like poetry than a commonplace book. – Michael Schiavo, Tin House

Both: A Portrait in Two Parts

A kind of reclassification, in which taxonomy becomes poetry, paintings serve as love letters, and gardens rival art. – The New Yorker

The Astropastorals

Succeeds in conjugating the mysteries of our planetary existence with an eloquence and sweep I found at once dizzying and uplifting. – Mark Ford, Times Literary Supplement

The Revisionist

Crase looks at the city and the landscape with the amused, disabused eye of a lover. Revisionism, in his supple argumentative poetry, turns out to be something very close to love. – John Ashbery