"Douglas Crase has a reputation among poets as a world-class recluse, but you wouldn't know it from his frequent sightings at KGB."
The KGB Bar Book of Poems

Crase read at the KGB Bar with Mark Bibbins to celebrate the launch of Agriculture Reader #4.

In 1988 he read for the Apple Corps Theatre in Chelsea. There is an audio link halfway down the photos page of this Web site.

Two compositions

The poem "Chelsea Square," from The Revisionist, inspired the solo piano piece of the same name by Jeff Nichols, premiered by Marilyn Nonken at the Miller Theater of Columbia University and recorded in her album American Spiritual: New Piano Works.

A later poem, "True Solar Holiday," inspired the electro-acoustical composition "True Holiday" written and performed by the Berlin-based group The Magic I.D., with lyrics written and sung by Margareth Kammerer, recorded in the album till my breath gives out for erstwhile records.