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Jeremy Noel-Tod names The Revisionist and The Astropastorals a Book of the Year in the Times Literary Supplement 2019


I had heard that Douglas Crase’s only full collection, The Revisionist, was something else, but I was still astonished to encounter its grand, cracked, almanac voice.



Matthew Bevis writes on Douglas Crase in the London Review of Books 2019



Albert Mobilio names The Revisionist and The Astropastorals a book of the year in Hyperallergic 2019


This is verse so meticulous in its construction, exquisite in its intelligence, and ravishing in its imagery that fellow poets cannot help but feel both daunted and inspired by the achievement.



Ian Pople writes on the American Pastoral of Douglas Crase in PN Review 2019


Publishers Weekly gives starred review to The Revisionist and The Astropastorals 2019


This expertly framed volume marks a lasting contribution to American poetry.


John Yau reviews Lines from London Terrace at Hyperallergic 2018



Kylan Rice writes on Douglas Crase in Tupelo Quarterly 2018


Ian Pople reviews The Revisionist and The Astropastorals at The Manchester Review 2018


Barry Schwabsky reviews The Revisionist and The Astropastorals at Hyperallergic 2017


Christopher Cox reviews The Revisionist in the legendary Soho News 1981