Amerifil.txt: a commonplace book

"Thought-provoking and perfect for fidgety moments is Amerifil.txt, Douglas Crase's commonplace book of unfamiliar and exhilarating quotations from the writers in his personal pantheon. Consider this, from Wallace Stevens: 'For nine readers out of ten, the necessary angel will appear to be the angel of the imagination and for nine days out of ten that is true, although it is the tenth day that counts.'"
– Katha Pollitt, The Nation

"It befalls me to read everything Douglas Crase writes? I recall liking (largely for 'formal' reasons) Amerifil.txt: a commonplace book. Reading it with lunch during that brief period when I temp'd as glorify'd office help to the department of radiology. One 'primary researcher' ask'd me about the book, and look'd alarm'd when I drop'd out th'idea of the commonplace book – I suspect'd he fear'd the random array."
– John Latta,

"Crase has arranged these selections under headings which are commentaries in themselves. Under the heading Doing Your Thing you find Emerson, Stein, and Ashbery, but then as a footnote, quotations from politicians that set the prior reflections into greater relief. Under Majority Rule, Emily Dickinson: 'Dear friends – we cannot believe for each other.' Under Immortality, Emerson: 'I think we may be sure that, whatever may come after death, no one will be disappointed.' A particular favorite under Comparative Literature: 'Gertrude Stein b. 1874, Rainer Maria Rilke b. 1875.' There is so much to return to – and much is unknown as Crase chose passages from these authors' lesser known works – much to encourage a return to these American originals."
– Douglas Storm, customer review,

"You really should go steal a copy from someone."