The Astropastorals

The book is slender, but the writing’s density gives it the fullness of almost anyone else’s thick tome. And the poetry’s reach is enormous.
– Barry Schwabsky, Hyperallergic

Crase is the master of complex, sinuous sentences that twist and loop and unfurl in the most unpredictable of ways—indeed navigating his poetic idiom can feel a bit like riding the rapids. The title poem in particular succeeds in conjugating the mysteries of our planetary existence with an eloquence and sweep I found at once dizzying and uplifting.
– Mark Ford, Times Literary Supplement

Crase seeks to observe ‘other worlds’ and implores us to preserve them. The Astropastorals might play on the idea of pastoral poetry by presenting a heavily ironized, interplanetary idyll. But there is also the sense of these pieces as pastoral letters, again speaking ironically to the spiritual needs of those who inhabit the future.
– Ian Pople, The Manchester Review